It takes a community to build a website!

I can re-build a snowmobile motor out on the trail with a half inch wrench and a pair of vice-grips, but I can't build a web-site without some help. I just want to give a huge shout out to a friend of mine who has been walking me through this hair-yankin', cuss-riddled, God forsaken process. Give my friend Tim Lawrence a big hand please. I met Tim up in Dawson City Yukon a couple of years ago. Tim was a story producer on the History Channel series, Klondike Trappers, which featured a very dear friend of ours, the late Cor Guimond, legendary trapper, dog musher, and log builder. Tim and I became quick friends. Here is a photo of Tim (on the left) with our friend Larry Greenland of Inuvik. They were helping Cor complete his log cabin. Larry is showing Tim how the Gwich'in first used gun powder from a .22 caliber bullet to make fire. Also big shout out to Dave Stewart of the Inuvialuit Communications Society for some graphic work. I owe these guys a beer.

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