The Life and Times of Edward Lennie

It seems we are burying our elders at an alarming rate. Every time I phone home, it seems there is another funeral for yet another one of our precious resources, our elders. Over the last few weeks, we've lost Big John Jerome, with his booming voice and infectious laugh. We lost Herbert Firth of Fort McPherson, another delta stalwart. Uncle Stephen Frost has joined his friends in the happy hunting grounds. Now we lost one of our the anchors of our culture and community, Uncle Edward Lennie. Edward, with the help of Nellie Cournyea and Billy Day, revived the tradition Inuit games; games which test an athletes, strength, stamina, balance, and endurance (google "knuckle hop") My older brother Gerry was in that first group of "Northern Games Boys" whom Edward trained. Here is a link to a video of Edward out at his "delta camp."

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